They fall into the Slough


Busily talking and heedless of the way, they both fell suddenly into the bog. In this mire they wallowed around till their clothes were covered with mud Because of the burden on his beck, Christian began to sink“How did we get into this mess?”asked Pliable.Christian replied, “Truly, I don not know.”Beginning to be offended,Pliable said angrily, “Is this the happiness of which you spoke?”







Plinbfe returns in anger.


Pliable:If we have had such a bad beginning,who knows what dangers we shall run into before the joumey is over? If I get out of this with my life,you may possess that brave land alone for all I care,At this he turned back.Struggling besperately,he climbed out of the mire on the side where they had fallen in and returned to his home,Christian saw him no more.









Christian cannot get out.


Lcft to struggle in the Slough of Despond alone poor Christian dragged himself through to the side which was nearest the narrow gate But he could not climd out because of the burden on his back,and he began to sink agein.Then I saw in my dream that a man named Help came along.








Help pulis Christian out of the mire.


“What are you doing here?” Help asked Christian.He replied, “A man named Evangelist directed me to yonder narrow gate that I might escape the wrath to come,As I was on my way I fell into the mud.” “But why didn’t you look?”Heip asked.There are stone steps set in the mire by which you couid have crossed over safely. ” “I was in a hurry to get to the narrcw gate,so I took the nearest way. Christian explained. “That is why I fell inThen said Help, “give me your hand. ”Taking Christian by the hand ,he pulled him out and set him on solid ground.




“你在这里做什么?” 恩助问基督徒,他回答:“一个名叫传道的人指示我走前面的窄门,使我可以避免将来的愤怒。当我走这条路时,我就掉入这污泥里了”。“但你为什么不看一看呢?” 恩助问,“在这泥潭里有石阶,你依着石阶走,就可以安全渡过去了。” 基督徒说:“我急急忙忙要去窄门,就抄了近路,以至陷落进去。”于是恩助说:“你伸过手来。”他拉住基督徒的手,就把他拖出来,使他站在坚实的地上了



The source of the.Slough of Despand

standing beaide Help,Christia asked, “Since the road from the City of Destruction to the narrow gate leads this wey,why is this bog not filled in,so that travelers might go over in safety? ” “this miry pit cannot be cesily mended, ”Help replied. “as a man becomes aware of his sin,all the old dregs and filth from his heart flow down here That is why it is called the Slough of Despond.When a sinner realizes he is lost, fears and doubtz arise in his soul,all of which settle here and make it an evil gtound.Still it is not the King’s wish that this place remain bad.For more than 1900 years worken have been trying to mend it. ”


基督徒站在恩助旁边问:“既然从将亡城到窄门须走这条路,为什么不把这泥潭填好,叫行人平安的走过去呢?” 恩助回答:“这污泥潭是不容易修理的,因当一人觉悟自己的罪时,从他心中发出的旧日渣滓和污物,都流归这里,所以它称为忧郁潭。当一个罪人认识到他自己是失丧的人,在他灵魂深处就起了许多恐惧和疑惑,这些东西都汇集在这里,就形成一个罪恶的地方。王的愿望并不是任它坏下去,(赛353-4)已经约有1990多年,许多工人已试着要修好它了。”



Help poluts out the stepping stoues


Help also said to Christian, “By order of the King,good and solid steps have been placed evenly through the slough,but when it rains and the mire casts up its filth,these steps are barely visible,Even if they can be seen,men often become dizzy,lose their footing and slip into the mire.However,at the narrow gate the ground becomes solid again. ”








Doubting pliable reaches home

Then in my dream I saw that Pliable had already reached home,and his frends came to see him.Some said he showed wisdom in returning.Some called him a fool for venturing to go with Christian Still others mocked his cowardice,seying, “Once you began the journey,why did you give up because of a few difficulties?”At first Pliable sat sneakingly among them,afraid to lift his head But after a while he got back his confidence and started to make fun of “poor Christian”.